Alfonso, Cavite
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Evercrest Golf Club Resort

25 minutes from Pintoresco
(043) 712-9293
Km. 72 Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas.

Evercrest1 Evercrest2

Discover the golfing enthusiast in you at Evercrest Golf Club and Resort situated in the entrance of Batulao. If golf isn't your thing then try their outdoor activities tennis, squash or basketball.

After all that workout, pamper yourself with the hands of professional masseurs and refresh in their steam rooms and spa with massage.

Taal Yacht Club


Tyc1 Tyc2 Tyc3 Tyc4

Taal Lake Yacht Club offers environment friendly water sports For sailing. Programs like “learn to sail” and “sail training” are also offered. They also offer three different treks to Taal Volcano where you get to climb up to the crater and even swim inside the Crater Lake. The highly sulfuric lake is said to have medicinal properties.
Sail Rentals, rowing and Kayaks are also available.

Punta Fuego Beach

75 minutes from Pintoresco

Puntafuego1 Puntafuego2 Puntafuego3 Puntafuego4

Punta Fuego, meaning "point of fire", is composed of high-end residential beach front properties where you can unwind and relax in the 800 meters of fine white sand beaches and take a dip and pristine clear waters making this the best swimming beach in Nasugbu, Batangas.


60 minutes from Pintoresco

Nuvali1 Nuvali2 Nuvali3 Nuvali5 Nuvali6 Nuvali7 Nuvali4

This wakeboarding park is one of the best alternative activities for sports enthusiast and beginners alike. Republic Wakepark offers two areas to ride in, the beginner area and the pro area.

If you've had your fill of wakeboarding, Nuvali offers a wide range of activities you can choose from. Shop and dine in Nuvali's numerous botiques and restaurant selection. Embrace the lush, vibrant nature and surroundings of the place by renting a bike to ride around the entire area. Tired walking? Nuvali has free electric shuttle buses to take you around the area.

Lago de Oro

60 minutes from Pintoresco

Lago1 Lago2

Lago de Oro has a unique cable system designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and water skiing. Beginners can try their Little Bro Easy Start System and learn the safest way from their qualified Instructors.

Ilog Maria

40 minutes from Pintoresco

Ilogmaria1 Ilogmaria2 Ilogmaria3 Ilogmaria4

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm produces natural and organic products. Virgin honey, is of course, their number one product but they also offer over 60 different products ranging from, soaps, body wash, facial scrub, feminine wash, lip balms, to even wood polish all made from the by-products of bees!
Don’t miss the chance to chat with Ilog Maria’s owners, Joel and Violaine Magsaysay, about their philosophies in life. A true learning experience.

Gourmet Farm

40 minutes from Pintoresco

Gourmetfarm1 Gourmetfarm2

Gourmet Farms, in Silang, Cavite, boasts of a tour program that allows you to experience organic farming first hand. See how your favorite salads and coffee go from the field and onto your dining table.

Farm Tours immerse you in the world of organic farming and cooking with various activities like Herb planting, Lettuce picking, and Demonstrations from the Gourmet Farms Chefs. Taste the output of your labor as they serve you salads made with ingredients that you harvested yourself.