Alfonso, Cavite
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4 minutes from Pintoresco

Antonios1 Antonios2 Antonios3 Antonios4

Antonio’s is known for their exceptional dining experience and impeccable service. Consistently regarded as the best restaurant in the Philippines, Antonio's must-try dish is their own version of lechon de leche served with aromatic rice, a serving of sweet-savory mango chutney, balsamic infused pearl onions, lightly sautéed Asian mushrooms, grilled onions, and a generous serving of homemade liver sauce.
They serve both lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday but they are closed on Mondays. Reservations is a must.

Breakfast at Antonio's

9 minutes from Pintoresco

Batantonios1 Batantonios2 Batantonios3

The ambiance provides a casual elegant black-and-white motif. Enjoy the cool Tagaytay breeze, and a stunning view of the Taal Lake as you dine.
Breakdast at Antonio's make their own bread, jams, pates and deli-meat in-house. They even have a Bake Shop corner for take-outs and pasalubong.

Sonya's Garden

20 minutes from Pintoresco

Sonyas1 Sonyas2 Sonyas3

Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay is the favorite of tourists and locals alike. They offer the freshest salads and most delicious meals with ingredients picked straight from the restaurant's organic greenhouse.

Walk around their beautiful flower gardens or feast on the freshly baked wholewheat bread, pastas, and desserts. Guests can make special orders of braised chicken with potatoes and roast chicken for an additional fee too.

Bag of Beans

20 minutes from Pintoresco

Bob1 Bob2 Bob3 Bob4

Bag of Beans, along the Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay, offers a very cozy dining experience as you eat by a courtyard surrounded by plants and decorative fountains.

Priding themselves of their breakfast items, Bag of Beans offers a wide variety of breakfast dishes (served all day). Curious diners should also try their Steak and Kidney Pie, or their Shepherd's Pie for an exquisite English experience.

Marcia Adams'

7 minutes from Pintoresco
J.P.Rizal St, Brgy Sikat, 4123 Alfonso, Cavite
(63-917) 801.1456/ 0917 801-1456
[email protected]

Marcia1 Marcia2 Marcia4 Marcia5 Marcia6 Marcia7 Marcia3

Marcia Adams' is gaining popularity among ,bloggers, foodies and travelers for good reason. The restaurant is also known as "Tuscany Place" or "Tuscany in Tagaytay" by many and rightfully so. As you make your way through their luscious garden you feel as though you've been transported to the European countryside. Inside the restaurant, the warm and vibrant colors reminiscent of the rolling hills and sunshine of Tuscany sets a lovely romantic ambiance for the diners.